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Trojan All The Feels is a unique condom starter pack that helps you find your preferred feel because not all condoms fit the same. This variety condom pack offers 3 different condom feels and fits; Classic Feel, Thin Feel and Full Pleasure Feel.

Classic Feel
The Classic Feel condoms are straight shafted for a snugger fit and more secure feel. Silky smooth lubricant, and special reservoir end for extra safety.

Thin Feel
The Thin Feel condoms are straight shafted for a slim, secure fit. These condoms are thinner for increased sensitivity and pleasure.

Full Pleasure Feel
The Full Pleasure Feel condoms have a tighter fit at the base and more room at the head. The UltraSmooth premium lubricant inside and out helps create a more natural feel and the strategically placed deep ribs increase stimulation and pleasure as you move.

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