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WINK Closer Condoms feature lubricated latex, and are formulated to provide the thinnest (0.04 mm) and yet strong and reliable condom experience. WINK condoms are tested for safety and efficacy and meet U.S. ASTM standards. They are lubricated with silicone for the smoothest, softest glide and comfort. WINK Closer condoms are standard length and width and are sized for fit and comfort.

  • WINK's thinnest condom
  • Highest quality natural rubber latex
  • Silicone lubricant provides smooth, soft glide and comfort
  • Standard width and length
  • Tested to meet U.S. safety and efficacy standards
  • Length 7.09 inches (+/- 0.04). Width 2.106 inches (+/- 0.79)

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