Satin Assorted Latex Dams

Global Protection

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Satin Dams are designed as a barrier for use while performing oral/vaginal sex or oral/anal sex.   Global Protection Corp. is the manufacturer of Satin Dams®. With a new, improved look, these oral dams have colorful, compact packaging and assorted scents.

  • The only oral dam on the market with a hermetically sealed package.
  • Grape, Strawberry, Vanilla and Spearmint. No sugars or sweeteners that would alter pH levels. 
  • 6 x 10 inch thin latex sheets.
  • Cleared for sale by the FDA.

When properly used, Satin Dams may help reduce the risk of transmission of many STIs including syphilis, gonorhea, chlamydia, genital herpes and HIV.  However, dams cannot completely eliminate risk. 

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