RepHresh Vaginal Gel


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When vaginal pH is unbalanced, odor causing microorganisms can flourish causing feminine odor and discomfort.  RepHresh is clinically tested to maintain vaginal pH.  The long lasting formula attaches to the vaginal wall for up to 3 days and effectively eliminates feminine odor and relieves discomfort due to dryness.  RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel goes to work in seconds to help eliminate the cause of odor.

  • Clinically Shown to Maintain Healthy Vaginal pH
  • Eliminates Feminine Odor for up to 3 Days
  • Relieves Feminine Discomfort
  • Gynecologist Recommended

Use RepHresh Vaginal Gel once every three days or when pH imbalance is most likely to occur:

  • After your period
  • Before or after sex
  • After douching
The new Comfort Design Applicator is easy to use:
  • Twist off tip for easy opening
  • Stem length allows for easy dispensing
  • Textured grip for easy squeeze

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