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ID Juicy Lube Strawberry Kiwi Lubricant

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ID Juicy Lube Strawberry Kiwi flavored lubricant is here to bring some flavor to the bedroom. This lubricant is water-based, safe to use with latex, and will add a delicious flair to your sex life. The strawberry kiwi flavor combination brings a fun twist on the trusted ID Glide personal lubricant. The bottle contains 3.5 oz with an airless pump for consistent freshness. ID Juicy Lube Strawberry Kiwi is tailor made for those who want their next experience in bed to be unique and flavorful without sacrificing quality.

  • Strawberry and Kiwi flavor
  • Water-based
  • Non-staining
  • Safe to use with latex
  • 3.5 oz airless pump bottle

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