Glyde Ultra Natural Assorted Flavor Condoms

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Will it be succulent strawberry, subtle vanilla or fresh blueberry? The  GLYDE ULTRA Organic Flavors Sampler is an excellent way to discover which of the five delicious flavors turn you on the most. When creating the world’s most delicious flavored condoms, Glyde ignored cheap chemical concoctions and sourced the highest quality food-grade natural and organic fruit extracts available. GYDE ULTRA Organic Flavored standard-fit (medium) condoms are sized to fit most men, ultra-thin to maximize sensation, and made with a natural plant-based formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract. A 'double-washing' process eliminates the unpleasant latex taste and odor found with conventional brands. The first condom brand certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade, GLYDE delivers exceptional performance and pleasure for both partners. You'll both feel the difference. Each sampler contains one four pack of each of the following mouthwatering FLAVORS:Blueberry, Licorice, Vanilla and Wildberry

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