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Durex Intense Sensation

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Spice up your love life with the DUREX Intense Sensation Condom. This condom provides a high level of protection. It features hundreds of raised dots for extreme sensation. The High Sensation condom slips on easily and stays comfortably in place to provide protection against pregnancy and STDs. Made of durable latex that's triple tested for strength and flexibility, the Intense Sensation Condom gives you an exciting option that's as sexy as it is reliable. The Intense Sensation condom enhances intimacy for extreme pleasure. Designed to stimulate both you and your partner, hundreds of raised dots on this condom build passion and excitement for a more satisfying experience. Because the dots cover the surface of the condom, they provide extra stimulation at all pleasure points. The silicone lubricant is silky smooth for a pleasurable glide and a feel like natural skin.

  • Hundreds of raised studs offer her extra stimulation so that you can raise the intensity
  • Transparent, lubricated, and designed for extreme pleasure
  • Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability
  • The special way we make our condoms mean they smell pleasant
  • Durex is the world's #1 condom brand trusted over 80 years
  • Contains 3 condoms

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