Top Ten Most Popular Condoms

“There are a multitude of condoms on the market today,” states Tony, Marketing Manager for Undercover Condoms. “We wanted to offer our customers more than just a way to buy condoms online, we also felt we should help educate them, and raise awareness about condoms and safer sex products. If you visit a site like ours, you have hundreds of styles of condoms to choose from, but which one is right for you? That’s why we added reviews and ratings to our site over two years ago.”

Undercover Condoms, a condom and safer sex retailer, created a user interface that allowed their customer’s an easy way to rate the condoms that they had used. Visitors can rate the condom overall with one to five stars, and then write a brief description of their experience. This review and rating system allows visitors to evaluate each condom and decide if it is right for them.

“We get a wide range of responses,” admits Tony, “But the majority are real, honest reviews of our products. We realized that we had a wealth of knowledge here and decided that we should look for ways to share it with the public.” Undercover Condoms has compiled its Official Undercover Condoms Top Ten. Among other factors, this ranking system is based on actual reviews by customers.

The rankings are based on the “Popularity Index,” which is calculated using a carefully weighted formula that takes into account sales volume, customer reviews and other factors such as repeat purchase analysis. This index provides an accurate way to rank condoms based on reviews by actual people. “The best part of our review system is that anyone can review the products,” beamed Tony. “ You don’t have to make a purchase to rate your favorite condoms, but an account is required. “If you don’t see your favorite brand you can add your review and it makes a difference.”

“This year, we've seen the emergence of many specialty condoms targeting particular sizes and sensations,” stated Tony. The number one ranked condom in the study was the Trojan Magnum. Trojan brand condoms accounted for 50% of the condoms in the top ten. “In our top 10 we have two larger sized condoms, two smaller sized condoms, condoms with warming sensations and two offerings from Okamoto that are known for being especially thin. People want more personalization in their condoms these days. I see this as being the wave of the future. It is no longer a one-size-fits-all world.”

“I hope that this extra effort can add to the user-experience and ultimately make people happier and more satisfied with their condom purchases. In the end, the more satisfied they are, the more likely they are to continue to protect themselves. If we can make a small difference in the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases then we are all for it, said Tony in conclusion.