Welcome to the new Undercover Condoms!

Welcome to the new Undercover Condoms!

Sep 8th 2021

Welcome to the new Undercover Condoms!
We are super excited to announce we've moved to our new ecommerce platform. We have been working hard over the past few months to create an easier and safer customer experience. 


What if I have an existing account?

We have copied over your existing account information including your name and previously saved addresses. However, we cannot copy over any payment information and/or order information to this new platform. if you have any questions about orders placed before 9/9/2021, please email us at service@undercovercondoms.com

What if I placed an order before the new platform?

Orders placed before 9/9/2021 we're placed using our legacy system. Those orders will not be visible in the new system but can still be accessed by our shipping team. Your existing order will continue to be processed and shipped. Once shipped you will receive and email confirmation. If you have any questions about an existing order, please email service@undercovercondoms.com

How do I login if I had an existing account?

Because of our previous systems security, we are unable to decrypt your account password. This means you will need to reset your account password in the same way you would if you forgot your password. A temporary password will be emailed to your account for easy access.

What if I had a rewards balance?

The rewards program has been discontinued however if you had a rewards balance at the time it was turned off, you will now have a "Store Credit" in the amount of your rewards. These are able to be used in the same manner as rewards during checkout.

We apologize in advance for any small issues that might arise during this migration. If you have any questions around your account or orders, please don't hesitate to email us at service@undercovercondoms.com.


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