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Bonne Beads will bring you both pleasure and orgasmic power. Each ball contains a weighted bead that cause organic vibrations with your movement, stimulating and massaging you. Insert them inside your body while using a vibe or fingers eternally to create amplified orgasms. Or, as a tool to bring strength to your pelvic muscles, simply insert both silky soft beads and use your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. Try using them while doing yoga, or while in the shower or around the house. Women report after a few weeks of dedicated use you will feel noticeably stronger.

  • Anal, Vaginal Pleasure. Kegel Exercise Device For Women
  • Seamless Design. Watertight Construction
  • Smooth & Silky Feel. Easy Retrieval Loop
  • Made Of Non Porous ABS Plastic. 8.7"L x 4.25"Insertable x 1.25"W. Weight: 1.7 Ounce
  • Hygienic & Easy To Clean. Lab Tested & Verified Body Safe. Silicone, Water Based & Hybrid Lube Safe

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