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Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

Baby blues are common within the first 3 to 5 days after delivery, and can last as long as two weeks. A new mom with the blues may cry more easily than usual and may have trouble sleeping or feel irritable, sad, and "on edge" emotionally. These symptoms can be similar to premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Postpartum is condition that occurs in only 10 to 20% of new mothers. Some health professionals call it postpartum non-psychotic depression. Postpartum may be of concern to you if:
*your symptoms include depressed mood, tearfulness, inability to enjoy pleasurable activities, trouble sleeping, fatigue, appetite problems, suicidal thoughts, feelings of inadequacy as a parent, and impaired concentration
*these symptoms persist over 2 weeks
*you obsessively worry about the baby's health and well-being
*these feelings interfere with a your ability to care for your baby
If you're experiencing these any symptoms (or symptoms not included here); Don't worry! Postpartum is easily treatable by your doctor, and rarely becomes a long lasting problem.
Share your concerns with your doctor as well as your friends and family to get the help, support and guidance you need.
Being a new mother is a challenge you don't have to face alone.